FAQ & Art Submission Guide


How to format and submit art for Sticker Harvest

ALL ART MUST BE DIGITIZED. NO SKETCHES, IPHONE PICS OF ART ETC. There are plenty of people in the community that could assist as well as a plethora of online resources on how to best do this. Even a simple image trace would work better than a line drawing on a napkin.

  • Please make sure your canvas is square. Ex. 3”x3” or 5”x5” etc.
  • 300 dpi 
  • Name your file with your Instagram handle or the name you purchase your slot with. If purchasing multiple slots, please number your files appropriately. See examples.

**ie: badapplespdx_harvest, badapplespdx_harvest2, badapplespdx_harvest3, etc etc)**


If only submitting files for the basic harvest, we just need one file submitted of your outline image only. That’s it! Flatten all files when possible please.

(.jpeg, .png, .tiff, .pdf, .ai)


If submitting a layered file such as .pdf .psd . ai, please include a flattened image on a separate layer of your art to ensure the final image is printed appropriately. Adjustments may need to be made, given the print order of colors, and do not wish for anyone to end up with missing parts to their image. If you wish to submit each color layer as its own flattened image you can do so but please, name them appropriately.

** (ie: badapplespdx_harvest_1, badapplespdx_harvest_1b, badapplespdx_harvest_1c, etc,etc)

(.psd, .ai , .pdf) (.jpeg, .png,.tiff)


Below is a guide for how to send your images via Google Drive. We have decided to accept only links to files on Google Drive this time because we noticed email was compressing your images and making it difficult to reproduce on vinyl and keep the love you put into them intact.

We understand this might take some adjustment so we are extending the deadline (MARCH 31st, 11:59 PM PST) and encouraging you to ask questions via stickerorchard@gmail.com if you get stuck.

How to send files via Google Drive

  • Download Google Drive. (Works okay on iPads but better on phones and PC.)
  • Login into Google account
  • Press the colorful ‘plus’ (+) button in the lower right

A pop up menu should appear. 

  • Press Upload>Photos and Videos

You will see another menu, which should allow you to select from the albums you have on your phone/pc/tablet.

  • Select your file and press ‘upload’ in the top right.

The file should then be uploaded to your drive and visible in the main menu.

Here you can click on the “…” option to the right of the uploaded file. 

If the file doesn’t display your username on Instagram or the name you purchased your slot with then click the “…” and scroll down to ‘Rename’ to do so.

  • Once your file is renamed appropriately click the “…” button once more and this time press ‘share’ 

From here look down next to your Google icon in the lower left below the “who has access” text box and press the icon with two figures.

From there, change from ‘private’ to ‘viewer’.

From there you can either copy the link and send it via email OR go back one screen and navigate to the top search bow that says ‘add people or groups’ and send it directly to stickerorchard@gmail.com

Thanks for helping us make you the best stickers we can!