CMYK Mega Sticker Pack from Badapples



17 brightly colored vinyl stickers hand screen printed by @badapplespdx. Includes 2 collab designs with @thepdxurchin and @mudkipp. Also includes one “SPEAK YOUR MIND” enamel pin. Price includes first class shipping within the United States. All stickers come individually sleeved in protectors.

Printed by hand one layer at a time using CMYK plastisol inks and then heat set for longevity. This method is labor intensive and results in something, we feel, is better than your typical digital sticker. The accumulation of all 4 ink layers results in the closest representation to its full color digital counterpart. You can feel the ink layers built up on the vinyl which makes them feel much more special in your hand. So, while stickers are made for sticking, we think these might be worth holding on to and cherishing for a bit.

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