“Clout Kills” Collectible sticker pack by @BADAPPLESPDX



A Collectible Sticker Pack from @BADAPPLESPDX

If your part of any scene these days I think this speaks to many. I’ve struggled to understand how good people ignore other good people and seek clout from the bad but I will forever choose to push through the hype, question it and smash it to the fucking ground. Fuck the dick riders, fuck the clout seekers. Seek true friendships. Put in the fucking work and stand on your own two feet and help those that help you, not those with the largest following.  Trust me..I see you and its cringe. Stop!

I made this sticker pack with the intent of people collecting it and not necessarily popping the stickers out and putting them up. For those that want to do that, I am including an additional stand alone 4″ version so you can do with it as you please.


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